promotion system

Use your open spaces to promote your services

you will be able to grab the attention of a captive audience

Clinic Waiting room with DirectInfo screen on the wall

Some Examples

Custom Screens for any Space

You can utilize any space to place a screen and capture the attention of your customers. You can now advertise special offers or promote your services in any way you choose

clinic waiting room 3 with DirectInfo screen on the wall

About DirectInfo Promotion System

Upgrade and use your waiting room or your open spaces to enhance your know-how, promote your services and inform and entertain your patients! 

With our DirectInfo Waiting Room Cloud, you will be able to grab the attention of a captive audience and get the most out of your open spaces. Upgrade and utilize your waiting room to:

  • Inform your patients
  • Promote your clinic
  • Market your services, technology, and special offers
  • Present your team and staff


Content Management

An advanced content management system that allows the user to add, modify, and remove content

Easy to use

No special installation is required and the user can use the system anywhere and for any brand

Design Services

Our Professional team can help you to design your presentations and to promote your services

Video & Animation

With our post-production videos and 3D animations, you will be able to market your services and grab more attention.


Be able to communicate important information to your patients while they are in your open space.

Ready for your custom screen?

With DirectInfo you can promote your services to your patients or clients in the waiting room or in your open spaces and update them with important information